Strategic Harvest System: How to Break Through the Buck Management Glass Ceiling

As deer hunters, we understand your perspectives and desires. As trained biologists, we understand the science that regulates interactions between deer populations and their habitats. As experienced managers, we see what works, what doesn’t, and understand the difference. As researchers, we are on the forefront of new ideas and development of more effective tools. As teachers, we want to help you understand and apply what we know to improve your deer management program.

Our management approach, Strategic Selective Harvest, is based on what we’ve learned during 40 years of research and management, building on the principles of Quality Deer Management. We’ll teach you how to transform biological realities into real management progress, to break through the “Buck Management Glass Ceiling” by more effectively managing your buck population standing crop.

“A must read for anyone interested in managing their deer herd. The MSU Deer Lab has studied the data and explains what needs to be done and why. In fact, I recommend you purchase a copy for your neighboring landowners.”

Bobby Cole, Mossy Oak Gamekeepers and BioLogic

“You address the most complex & confusing topics in all of deer harvest management & break them down step by step in explanations that are understandable & thorough.”

Dr. Mickey W. Hellickson, Orion Wildlife Management Services

“Filled with factual information in easily understood terms, this book will benefit all deer advocates for years to come.”

R. E. “Bob” Zaiglin, Zaiglin Wildlife Resource Management

★★★★★ 5.0 Amazon Rating

APPEALS TO ME AS A HUNTER AND MANAGER: “What appeals to me as a hunter and manager is that the information provided is gained through years of research and is based on science, not opinion or advertising. It's put in layman's terms and applies wherever you are throughout the whitetail's range.”

Kevin Daugherty - ForestLand Associates, LLC. (Verified Purchase)

PROFOUND: I read this book in a single day. I just could not put it down. The quantifiable FACTS that are represented in this book are fantastic. They do not sugar coat habitat FADS or myths. This book is one that every hunter and habitat manager should read, frequently.

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