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Buckscore ™

Estimating antler size of a deer "on-the-hoof" has been deemed an art rather than a science. It is a skill desired by many deer enthusiasts. Trail cameras are a favorite scouting tool and they generate pictures of bucks of unknown antler size. Estimating these characteristics from pictures can allow collection of data from pictures as part of a herd monitoring program or entertainment.

About The Software

Buckscore™ is an educational and data collection tool for biologists and deer hunters. Developed by scientists and biologists with Mississippi State University's Deer Ecology and Management Lab the software allows users to estimate antler size of photographed white-tailed deer. The program uses a unique set of physical features, as well as statistically-derived, models to achieve accurate estimates.

Where is it Applicable?

The software was developed using white-tailed deer from across North America. A user will select the state or region in which the deer was photographed, the program then accesses a unique set of physical features from that particular area to accurately score your buck.

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