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Quality Deer Management

The primary objective of this strategy is maintaining deer herds at lower levels and emphasizing a quality deer herd and quality deer habitat. So, you may ask, what is Quality? In this case quality means natural. A deer herd managed in a "quality" or natural framework means the deer herd is managed at a level where deer density is well below the habitat's carrying capacity, the adult sex ratio is not heavily skewed towards females, and the buck age structure is older. By maintaining the deer herd with a more balanced sex ratio and age structure the breeding season (rut) is more condensed and intense, which results in fawns being born earlier, more competition among bucks for breeding opportunities, and a more enjoyable hunting experience. Additionally, maintaining the deer population below the habitat's carrying capacity will ensure that better food plants are available for deer to consume, which will promote a healthier deer population and habitat. Please visit for more information on the Quality Deer Management strategy.