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Strickland, B.K., S. Demarais, R. Cain, A. Chance, C. Henderson, G. Street, L. Resop, and W. McKinley
Understanding Buck Movement Download
Mississippi State University Extension Service Publication 3927.
Deer Movement

Webb, S.L., K.L. Gee, B.K. Strickland, S. Demarais and R.W. DeYoung.
Measuring fine-scale white-tailed deer movements and environmental influences using GPS collars. Download
International Journal of Ecology
Tools and Techniques

Webb, S. L., K.L. Gee, S. Demarais, B.K. Strickland and R.W. DeYoung.
Efficacy of a 15-strand high-tensile electric fence to control white-tailed deer movements. Download
Wildlife Biology in Practice 5:45-57.
Tools and Techniques